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User blog comment:Sheldonist/Gens 2 is now C&C F2P/@comment-5469467-20120902073405/@comment-5469467-20120908091048

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It's a shame EA has to use this newfangled mechanic on such an old and well-established franchise. Both of your suggestions probably won't end well for EA or C&C as a franchise. Time restrictions (especially things like monthly subscriptions) belong in Facebook games and MMOs. Content restrictions are worse. I can just imagine being locked out from high-tier units, upgrades, abilities and such. Imagine being restricted to a basic unit set, then jumping online and then get sent to the cleaners by someone who bought the best gear with actual money.

I don't hate EA, but I'm really starting to get concerned about how their handling the franchise. It's always disappointing when some dev takes a popular or classic series and tries to make a more modern and "accessible" (dumbed down) version, and ends up making something completely unrecognisable. This isn't always the case, but it still happens. A lot.