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EA has a rare knack for running out talent - but Apoc and the team also suffered scathing scorn and unwarranted criticism from the broader C&C community during the run of their productions on Tiberium Wars, Kane's Wrath and Red Alert 3. In the fans' eyes, that the newer releases (and I'm barring C&C4 here) weren't carbon clones of Westwood's efforts were anathema.

Of the posts I saw on the official forums, many were cruel, spiteful, accusatory and completely unwarranted. Apoc and his crew did far, far more for the C&C community than Westwood EVER did and they received little in the way of gratitude. The endless complaints were little more than whining from a spectrum of nerds and fan-boys that assume it should ALWAYS be -their- way or the highway.

To Apoc: you helped produce and bring about things I wouldn't have dreamed possible when Westwood was liquidated by EA many years ago. We received quality sequels in the form of C&C3 and RA3 (together with their expansions!) and I will never be blind to your masterful ability to balance the need to turn a profit with the need to satisfy the fans. That you accomplished such while under EA's watch is nothing short of remarkable. Your support of the modding community and willingness to indulge and oblige the more vulgar commentary sent your way shows your caliber. I am genuinely sorry to see you gone.