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   My Own Red Alert 3 expansion pack to 4 to 5 story line after the victory of allied over japan and the soviets, the war still ongoing between the allied and the soviets the japan already surrenders,the soviets still fighting to take over,but then, the former premieres adviser (kane) has taken his place,then he takes control the soviet union,but an unknown man (kane) came from another universe (tiberium, a masked kane that look like darth revan, to hid his identity as the premiers adviser) has establish yuri Faction w/c started a new psychic Domination, (w/out einstein non of the yuri's revenge allied ending will going to happened) then, the war has reach its climax in an allied victory, the soviet ending in the ruins of kremillin, the soviet commander is lying down dying, then  the yuri leader has revealed the truth dat the adviser and the yuri leader is only one(some kind of illusion) then after the soviet commander has knew the truth an allied shut down the soviet commander, the soviet commander is dead, the allied field marshall ordered to kill the soviet commander then the post credit scene that i want ,that the allied field marshall revealing that he is kane that he ordered einsteins assisstant to build a time machine, Red Alert 4 the project is now finished, the field marshall ordered them to stop the soviet men for killing einstein, then the field marshall uses the time machine first w/o anyone knowing, then kane go back in time to assassinate hitler (not erasing him)(he go back to kill hitler before einstein),so hitlers adviser takes hitlers place and becoming the new dictator of germany, the dictator believed this is  the soviets doing so the Germany Has declared war on the soviets, the germany has established a new faction called the central powers,the dictator wants revenge because of there loss of ww1,then the 2 allied general and einsteins assisstant has use the improved time machine to stop the soviet men in 1927 (they got there in a diff Timeline),but when they use it w/out knowing that the time machine has been sabotage,the time machine has malfunction and the 3 allied men stuck in 1927, then the world has set back to 1927 then the future never existed so a new WW2 has began between a 3 powers  the Allied,Soviets and the Central, the war has goes through 1939 to 1954, the ending were kane is establishing an Army call NOD, then the red alert 2 invasion scene will change into nod, Red Alert 4: A New Dawn Then the red alert 2 timeline has changed,the new WW3 has began, then the nod  invade usa and tries to invade russia to take over the world so the soviet and the allies delclare war on nod, the ending is were the US allies has been defeated in a nod victory but the soviet still in war with the Red Alert 4: Dawn of the Tiberium Age After the WW3, the soviets and the nod still in war,then the nod researches TIBERIUM,they use it  Against the soviets to take over russia,The European Allies Still fighting the nod to stop them before they were Taken over, the nod launches a tiberium missile to hit several countries to take over those countries, then the War Still Goes On Command and Conquer Tiberium Apocalypse: After the events of the Last game the war still goes on and the NOD is gaining power, so the allies and the soviets has join forces to stop nod for Creating a new Human Evolution and Take over,so they establish a new Power called GDI, to Defeat NOD, the North and South america,Africa,Australia and half of Asia is now Covered w/ Tiberium,so the GDI Takes Back One of those Continent that Being taken so a new warfare has began, THE NOD has been defeated in a GDI victory Command and Conquer Tiberium Apocalypse  Expansion Pack: The Last and Final is about to begin, After the GDI Victory kane and the nod is not yet finished so kane turn himself into a superweapon to finish GDI,and then kane has been defeated but they discover is was only a clone, so the final base or the main base of nod, so the GDI attacked Area 51 the main base of nod,Then there was a secret dimension (a Portal to the world of the tiberium series) were Kane is about to escaped, then kane succesfully escaped this world then the GDI Wons The Tiberium War, then all the nod occupations in the world is now Free, were the story is ended Plss no Shitty Comments :)