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Because once Allies try to stop Cherdenko from killing Einstein, Nazi will still be destroyed in the right history. Adolf Hitler's son isn't a bad idea but I wonder if he cares about his father's scheme, moreover the storyline "Father dies, Son revenges" can't be able to attract fans anymore.

In my opinion, Red Alert 4 must continue after the victory of Allies Story in Red Alert 3 (not Expansion), when Cherdenko and Krukov was imprisoned. One corrupted Allies supreme leaders want to start "Time Machine" project again after some documents about it was found in Moscow, they secretly build their own power by the name Special Unit of Allies: New Future Unit (N.F.U). They forced Doctor Zelinsky to handle that project. Because doctor Zelinsky doesn't want to see the future to be changed again so he denied, therefore he was assassinated by someone who belongs to Allies Force but it fails. Doctor Zelinsky tries to escape from Allies and meet former officers of Soviet and Nazi. They formed into the U.S.S.R to destroy the Allies. They successfully claimed the control of Russia territory and raise the army to attack Allies.

Allies after failed in entice Dr.Zelinsky to lead the project Time Machine, N.F.U found another devil-science to carry out the project. Allies has a civil war between 2 powers: Original Allies (Allies) and New Future Unit (N.F.U). Allies tries to stop N.F.U in continuing the project and prevent the attack of Soviet. With the advanced technologies, Allies easily push back the attack of U.S.S.R but it's the trap. N.F.U secretly made an agreement with Soviet to attack Allies, in fact they used Soviet as the pawn to buy some time for finishing the Project. When Soviet and Allies realized that trap, it's too late. Doctor Zelensky has no choice to rebuild another Time Machine to bring the Coalition Army of Allies and Soviet to the past and stop N.F.U. They meet former officers of 2 powers Allies and Soviet in the past and persuade them to cooperate to destroy N.F.U.