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In every successor game that'll be released should be changed and should have a new gameplay and plot. Yeah it's good that they create the new game franchise near to its predecessor like the Red Alert 2 & Yuri's Revenge, but it is not always that way Game developers always looking forward to create a new world, a new game, a new story. That's why Red ALert 3 and Uprising is very different from Red Alert 2 and Yuri. Game evolution should be obsereve, as a saying goes: "You Cannot Please Everybody" some will like it and some will hate it.. Well, I am a big fan of C&C games, like C&C 3 Tiberium Wars, C&C 4 Tiberian Twilight, C&C Red Alert 2 and Yuri, and C&C Red Alert 3 and it's Expansion Pak the Uprising. I never compared those games, instead I enjoying everytime I played, loved the adrenaline rush and events that went on the game, and just loving the fact that they were different from each other, like, game evolution is like an ice cream, you dont wanna like all the ice creams tastes the same.