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the better plot will be: The present germany (part of allies) discoverd documents and articles regarding the original timeline (the real world where there is Nazi empire); it came into their hands because Albert Einstein (who was possessing the documents) originally planned to correct his mistakes by telling the allied commanders the real "reality" and stopping himself (his past self) from killing Adolf Hitler because he realized that the soviet threat is far greater than world war 2, and messing with time has greater consequences, however unluckily Anataloy Cherdenko killed/erased him before he executes the plan but the documents still survived due to that they were not on his hands when he was "killed/erased"; the present Germany after discovering the real "reality" thus resented and felt that they could have been a super power on their own (like the empire of the rising sun) thus ? they secretly sabotaged their allied commrades and stole & coppied various thecnologies from the future tech, but at the same time pointing their hands at Sovites (telling the other allied nations that it was the soviets who did it) thus reserving all the allied weapons and thechnologies for themselves..... and soon they became the leaders of the european union. (unknown to other members of EU it was all germany's plot). the USA and other non-EU allied members however eventually discovered germany's treachery and the "real reality", thus forcing them to develop their own weaponry and waging war on Germany. thus the "new allies" (without EU) persuaded the Soviet Union (who is now not under a crazy bastard stupid dictator!) to join them and "correct everything" (afterall the USA and soviets became the only two super powers after WW2!) germany (now called the third reich or fourth reich) on the other hand persuded the empire of the rising sun to stop the allies and soviets ( since they were the original allies in rality) thus to maintain their respective empires. (and japan will realize they will not rise to power if they do not help germany becuase of the hiroshima and nagasaki bombing in the original "reality"); making the red alert 4 a 2 vs 2 (US led allies & soviets vs the third reich & empire of the rising sun) and a fun,crazy, and exciting race through time .