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great plot and all but i think we should try and work with this universe not screw around with time travel any more unless we have to.

i think an interesting plot line would be a bunch of imperial communists that are following ways similar to the roman empire and the legions (i have more details but i don't wanna post em). they have a secret city in the pacific ocean floating (like the floating fortresses) where they start staging attacks against America taking LA and pushing foward untill the united states is half it's original size. the Empire in an alliance with the empire of the rising sun makes tech that is superior to that of the allies who eventually counter this threat and so are ready to start fighting back. meanwhile the soviets rebuild with the world fighting against the Phoenix Empire (that is what i call the legions), and prepare to stage their own attacks. so the world is gearing up for another world war with the Alliance headed by great briton and the Europeans, the Sovet Union and lastly the Phoenix Empire.