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How about this,

Yuri survives the dinosaur attack and tries to travel forward in time. But due to damage he can only travel so far and ends up in a time when humans are still in mud huts. It is there that he meets Kane who tells him that he will help him get back to his time. But in return Yuri must promise to build him an army. Yuri agrees and Kane reveals to him a heavily damaged alien space ship (apart of the one that nod has in the Tiberium universe) which propels Yuri forward in time. He lands somewhere in the Middle East just as the empire attacks the soviets. Yuri finds the brotherhood of nod, a small cult hiding out in the middle east, whose instructions are to wait for the Kanes priest. Using locations that kane gave to him, Yuri sends out the cult to find scrin artifacts scattered across the world while mind controlling more and more people into the cause. He then uses that technology and his own to secretly create an army of highly ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY and militia. After the uprising, Dasha is now the new premier of the USSR, which is slowly recovering. But Dasha is not intent on a puppet nation which the allies control, so she seeks the aid of the chinese who greatly increase their strength with the chinese as their allies. Tatsu now sees to the national repair of a devastated japan. To honour his father he travels to the ancient burial site of many emperors, however upon arriving at his fathers mound, he finds a secret bunker which houses a alien artifact.  he then uses this to help rebuild japans economy and raise an imperial army buffed by alien tech. Meanwhile the allies use the talents of doctor gregor zelinski to create the first nuclear bomb in this timeline. Yuri has almost completed his collection of alien tech but requires one more piece. 9 years later the year is 1995 and the empire has declared war on the allies. It is then that the allies drop a nuclear bomb on japan, however japan was able to goad the allies into using there most powerful weapon to no effect because of the alien technology they were able to protect themselves. Dasha by now had stepped down and a new leader had taken her position and his name was Lenin Howard. Dasha received reports on this matter and recalled general krukov stating something about a nuclear bomb and ordered his rescue while the allies were preoccupied by the empire. After general krukov had explained nuclear weapons, Lenin ordered the kidnapping of doc zelinski. zelinski then started developing plans for nuclear reactors eventually setting russia and china into a mass production craze to get payback on the allies and japanese. Meanwhile The allies get a distress signal from Italy. they investigate  to find the tiberium meteorite, several infected humans and unknown to them the brotherhood of nod. Yuri had sent forces prior based on info Kane gave him to extract the new substance. The allies eventually defeat the nod base but nod gets away with some tiberium. The allies then consult to the GDI who are a black ops organization on the subject of the brotherhood of nod. The GDI say that they have been investigating them for some time now but still don't know who they are, then GDI teams up with allies. Yuri has now set up bases across the world, he then broadcasts an ultimatum stating join us willingly, or have your will taken from you. From then the army is known as Yuris army.  The communists (russia and china) are now using their replenished army and nuclear warheads to attack the japanese and allies but stop once krukov and zelinski warn the communists of what Yuri will plan to do with psychic dominators. In hawaii the allies and japanese clash but accidentally set of a psychic dominator alerting them to Yuris plan. The allies trace Yuris army to the himalayas in china, while the japanese, using their advance psionic machines detect the main base of operations for the psychic dominators in the Himalayas, and the russians are requested by china to deal with a threat of three armys amassing in the himalayas. The last mission for the soviets and allies is them facing off with most of their armys there, natasha and tanya have a fight to the death as well, then the chinese and forces loyal to lenin howard, who reveals himself to be Kane: suddenly break off from the communists and join yuris army as per yuris plan all along which was to get his enemies armys in one place and mind control them all. However the mind controlling station is destroyed by the japanese (explained in their final mission) making the russians and allies team up and destroy yuris and chinas forces. The japanese final mission is them assaulting the mind controlling relay stations to stop them from activating the psychic dominators. There is a showdown between yuriko and yuri then japan is forced to use a psionic decimator on the relay station which sent out an frequency destroying any unit in the japanese army which had alien tech used in the design. later the surviving russian, allied and japanese forces meet and form a treaty to hunt down remaining forces of yuris army, destroy the psychic dominators and deal with the extraterrestrial substance known as tiberium which has begun spreading, it is then that they become the Global Defense Initiative.