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The best plot would be:

Yuri, in this alternate timeline, was discovered by the Omega Program, contacted and later convinced to work with the research at Shiro Sanitarium. From there, he supervised the development of Izumi, Yuriko, the Yuriko clones and the Psionic technologies.

After the events of the war and the uprising, he decided that the time to carry out his plan had come. In order to conquer the world, he had hacked the production and, when the three major powers of the world were too weak to respond, he activated the Psychic Network he secretly had been developing, and gained access and control over all the psionic users and devices.

Now, the Allies struggle to maintain the control of the world, the Soviet Union is having its second revolution, and the Empire is rising again. Who is going to dominate the new world, now that Yuri's Psychic Dominion has come to play?