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User blog comment:Vorknkx/Fixing the top-of-the-map crash in C&C 95/@comment-1430735-20120719083207

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I just tested this solution on GDI mission 6, and in Covert Ops mission Ground Zero. Killing ctfmon didn't make any difference whatsoever. Moving the Commando / tank to the top of the map still crashed the game

It can't make any difference, anyway. The bug isn't related to any external application, it's purely a bug inside the game. The only reason it didn't crash on DOS C&C or C&C95 was because the OSes back in those days didn't have such tightly controlled memory management.

Personally, I'd just advice using VK's old 1.05 patch, and Komfr's stealth crash fix; those two actually fix the problems, and were the basis of my 1.06 patch.

For the record, these other compatibility options have no effect either. C&C95 only needs Win95 compatibility mode, and can switch to 256-colour mode without any help, and disabling visual themes and advanced text services were two more urban legend methods of getting rid of the top-of-the-map crash.