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User blog comment:Vorknkx/Fixing the top-of-the-map crash in C&C 95/@comment-1430735-20120719083207/@comment-1496755-20120719142930

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Strange - it works for me. In fact, I've tested this solution on 2 different computers and it worked on both of them.

GDI Mission 6 was exactly the reason why I started to look for a workaround. I had several crashes when I tried to reach the Nod Airfield... but then I removed ctfmon and the crashes stopped, allowing me to complete the mission. Just to make sure, I activated ctfmon and the crashes started again. Just as I expected.

I'll try Ground Zero as well and see what happens.

Of course, I realize that no solution is perfect. Overall, Red Alert runs better under XP than C&C, yet I've had several crashes there as well. Luckily, they occur in rare situations that are easily avoided.

Thanks for the links, by the way :)