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Venom (Tiberium Alliances)

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Anti-Infantry Aircraft

Attack range

2.5 m

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The Venom is an anti-infantry aircraft available to Nod in Tiberium Alliances.

The Venom, like the Paladin, is the first aircraft to be available, without research, when the player puts in an Airfield. It does not stop to attack infantry, something which annoys many Nod commanders as Venoms will sometimes fly right into high-level AA infantry.

The Venom is also similar to the Reckoner, in terms of cutting down infantry ranks, but it can fly over walls and cannot be targeted by heavier armored vehicles.

The Venom may be targeted by MG Nests, Anti-Infantry vehicles and rifle squads but it's biggest bane are anti-air vehicles and towers. Rocket Squads can bring down a lone low-level Venom however.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

  • A wave, comprimising of high-level Venoms, are ideal for clearing away any infantry so Vertigos can fly in and start engaging important structures. Really effective for bases being level 10+

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