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Vertigo (Tiberium Alliances)

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Vertigo Bomber
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Anti-Structure Aircraft

Attack range

0.5 m

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25px-Disambig.png This article is about the Tiberium Alliances aircraft. For the Tiberium Wars aircraft, see Vertigo.
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The Nod Vertigo Bomber is a fast anti-structure unit in Tiberium Alliances. It is the Nod equivalent to the GDI Firehawk jet. It is more expensive than the Firehawk because it deals more damage but after purchase its quick speed and fast elimination of the target, meaning to attack Forgotten Construction Yards is an ideal tactic for those who are willing to gain levels quickly. Unlike the Firehawk, the Vertigo may only target buildings that are directly below it.

Anti-Air units and structures should be avoided as one can be quickly dispatched but a higher level vertigo can raze the latter quickly.

Vertigoes can be used to strike down the enemy Construction Yard. This tactic is quick and deadly, many Forgotten and Enemy GDI/Nod players' bases can fall within a few barrages. But insurance of this tactic depends on the level of the Vertigoes: the higher the Construction Yard's level, the less chance of destroying the base. Also, it is highly recommended that anti-air units be dispatched safely first.

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