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Wall (Generals)

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Gen Gameicon.png
Gen1 ZH Security Fence Icons.png Gen1 ZH Concrete Wall Icons.png Gen1 ZH Burning Barricade Icons.png

CnCG America Wall in game.jpg

CnCG China Wall in game.jpg

CnCG GLA Wall in game.jpg


Usa.gif United States
China.gif China
Gla.gif Global Liberation Army


Passive barrier

GeneralsCover.jpg The following is based on content cut from Generals and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

Walls were proposed barricades for Command & Conquer: Generals, just like in the other Command & Conquer games. They were removed from the game, presumably because they needlessly slowed down an otherwise fast-paced game.

There are various straight and corner pieces for walls for all factions, as well as selection pictures and tool-tips. Presumably, the walls would be built using the removed line build feature, which allowed the player to build buildings along a straight line. Each faction has a specific type of wall; according to the tool-tips which are left in the game, they were as follows:

  • United States: Laser wall section. It blocks vehicles from passing and triggers an alarm if enemy infantry tries to pass it.
  • China: Traditional concrete wall, which just plainly blocks troops from progressing.
  • GLA: Burning barricade. This one does not really block anything, but the fire damages the units, if they passed by.