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Wave-Force Trigun

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Empire of the Rising Sun


Heavy anti-surface base defense


Wave-Force guns (3)

The Wave-Force trigun was a heavy weapons emplacement used by the Empire of the Rising Sun during the War of the Three Powers. They were the primary anti-surface armament of the Imperial Floating Fortresses.

Description[edit | edit source]

The guns had an exceptional range and were devastating to anything they hit. Their range could be increased further by allowing other units to provide targeting data. During the assault on a fortress in the North Sea, the Allies and Soviets destroyed the Radar boats providing long-range targeting data. The fortresses guns failed to switch back in time to their usual targeting method and were silent as the fortress was attacked and destroyed.

Unlike the Wave-Force Artillery and Wave-Force tower, the Wave-Force Trigun can not use Premature Discharge. They also cannot target aircraft, though they are almost always supported by anti-air units. Their power systems are presumably built directly into the Floating Fortresses, preventing enemy saboteurs from cutting their power supplies.

Despite its impressive range, it is still vulnerable against siege units, which can destroy them from safe distance. A large enough force of small, agile units are also a threat, as they can rapidly approach the cannon until they reach its minimum range.

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