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Ways and Means Committee

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Ways and Means Committee

United Nations group


Charles Olivetti

Head of State

UN Secretary General

Head of Government

Supreme Commander
Secretary General


Supreme Commander of the GDI forces, Mark Jamison Sheppard

De facto leader

Mark Sheppard


Global Defense Initiative
United Nations


New York

Official language

English, French and German


Pound, Dollar and Euro

Date established



First Tiberium War
Secure the Danube



The Ways and Means Committee is an organisation within the United Nations to deal with GDI's engagements against the Brotherhood of Nod. They are shown as of ways and means to how the Global Defense Initiative should win their war in the European campaign.

The Bialystok scandal[edit | edit source]

When the massacre at Bialystok occurred in Poland, the Ways and Means Committee had cut GDI's funding to let both Seth and Kane deal with the war themselves and hit Eastern Europe such as Belarus with a hard punch on it. While Mark Jamison Sheppard was visiting the United Nations, Solomon well hit the Nod forces at Bobyrusk to get some manufactured rods back including the ones at Gdansk in Poland near the massacre site at Bialystok which Kane used Greg Burdette to report the massacre and all television stations in Europe were given the call.

Reverse the Fundings[edit | edit source]

After rescuing two GDI bases and the death of J.C. Carter was exposed, the Nod base in Hungary was destroyed by Solomon's forces. The committee on the other hand had reversed the funding cuts as of the diplomacy by Mark Sheppard since his press conference that GDI denied their role in the Bialystok scandal and gave back his command from Solomon who told him about the death of J.C. Carter and M.O. Morelli was glooming about his death on a Gunboat.