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Wesley Riggs

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Wesley Riggs
General Riggs (center) with Col. Louise James (left) and Secretary Evelyn Rios (right)
General Riggs (center) with Col. Louise James (left) and Secretary Evelyn Rios (right)
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Tiberian Twilight


Tim Dezam

General Wesley Riggs is GDI's commanding officer in Tiberian Twilight, portrayed by Tim Dezam.

Background[edit | edit source]

General Riggs is a veteran of the Second and Third Tiberium Wars. As few manage to survive one, let alone two wars, he is a legend among GDI soldiers. But he feels old and tired. Tired of legends, of constant warfare. When Kane approached GDI with his offer, he set aside old grudges and worked hard to broker a peace between the factions, earning him political backlash.[1]

However, he pulled through and continues to act as a peacemaker, talking directly to Kane and working with him. However, old habits die hard - he won't keep his back turned for long. Just a precaution.[1]

In-game[edit | edit source]

In the GDI campaign, General Riggs is among the mission briefers to Commander Parker and is seen very confident of the alliance between Nod and GDI. However, as the short conflict wore on with costs becoming increasingly high, he is seen to be under pressure due to the political climate and the authority asserted by Rios. When Colonel James confronts Riggs and Rios that Kane had deliberately attacked her forces to prevent her from interrupting Kane's ultimate goal, Riggs is reluctant to act on James' evidence while Rios was by his side. When James and Parker gone rogue and attacked New Adana to arrest Rios, Riggs warned the Commander that he would risk punishment if he continued to engage GDI forces. Although New Adana fell to the rebel forces, Riggs evaded capture and led a GDI marine squad, arresting the crew of the Tzadik including Colonel Louise James and Commander Parker.

In the Nod campaign, he makes clear that he has no intention to let Kane gain control over the TCN. This act of defiance suggests that Riggs has rebelled against GDI leadership. What happened to him after Kane's ascension is unknown.

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References[edit | edit source]

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