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War against the GLA

Current status


Yemen is a country in Asia and is located within the Middle East. It was the battlefield to a rescue operation led by the Americans to rescue three of their pilots whose Comanches were shot down by GLA stinger launchers while trying to take out GLA leaders who were behind a Scud storm in Baghdad that was used against the Americans.

Generals Universe[edit | edit source]

After two of three GLA leaders were killed, all three U.S. Comanche helicopters were taken down by GLA stinger launchers and the pilots were held hostage. The Global Liberation Army had them in three locations around the city and the Americans had to bring them home. The first Pilot was rescued by the team led by Colonel Burton after fighting off Scorpion tanks, a Rocket buggy, several Technicals and Angry mobs. The U.S. base became under attack by constant GLA tanks to rid the American presence from the Yemeni city. The two other pilots were later rescued and returned to the U.S. base just as the GLA were defeated from attacking the base right at the end of the mission.